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Leslie helps clients through transitions in work and life
staying engaged in times of change
finding a new career in mid-life
helping you to get "unstuck"as you search for that next opportunity
finding the right balance between work and life at any life stage 

 "I wasn't sure whether I needed a life coach, a business coach, or a psychotherapist, Leslie, you are just what I needed." Dan P., Sales Executive


"Leslie, I've thought of you often. Finally, my wholly authentic self is an asset! I have now become a leader in my organization. I am letting go and recognize in this massive cycle of devastation, my identity will be recreated many times. I'm so grateful to have experienced this already in my work with you," Rachel, Finance & Administration, 2020

 "To my "fairy godmother" and the chair of my personal board of directors: Thank you," Ann, Associate Director 

"Thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement, humor, and thank you for helping me get out of my own way and get stronger in the process," Eileen, IT

"I'm so grateful for everything you did to get me here.  I know your positive energy, reflective support and nurturing encouragement propelled me forward and kept me centered through an incredibly challenging transition.  I may have gotten through it without you, but having you as a guide was affirming and provided me with reality checks on my self worth.  Without this I am sure I would have doubted myself far more and lacked the resolve to power through to the other side of the storm,"  Laurie K., Executive Director

  "Leslie, I am so excited to be starting a new journey. Thank you for all your help. Working with you really motivated me to make this change and helped me figure out how to make it happen. I appreciate all the support, encouragement, and tips you gave." Shawn K, Global Consultant, MA

"Hi Leslie, I am emailing you after lots of joyful dancing and hopping around. I just got a request for a phone interview after submitting the materials you helped me create! I had applied for this job prior to seeing you and got nothing. I've no idea where this will lead, but I'm so glad not to feel stuck anymore!" Courtney R., Director, Publishing, MA

"Dear Leslie, I'm on a much clearer path than when I walked into your office with much more effective tools for managing my current work situation. P.S., I shall continue to refer to you as a career counseling goddess!" Irene W., Public Relations, RI

 "I was referred to Leslie and we had exclusively phone sessions. She helped me to change career, study social work, get involved with a psychoanalytic institute and Focusing, find my  analyst and built a private practice.I can highly recommend phone sessions with Leslie!" Dave H., LICSWI

 "It's been an interesting journey, and one that I could not have accomplished so successfully without your help and guidance.  I can't thank you enough for helping me to believe in myself and for giving me such concrete tools to create a new resume, and the words and support to promote myself so strongly."Amy B., Marketing Manager, NY

"Thanks Leslie for helping me grow as a person and a professional in a completely new direction, to find a career that is a much better fit for me than being a lawyer." Kerstin H., Psychotherapist, NY

 "I wasn't sure whether I needed a life coach, a business coach, or a psychotherapist, Leslie, you are just what I needed." Dan P., Sales Executive, RI

"Since i have seen you my life has completely changed. I quit my job, sold my house, started my own company, and got married.  your wisdom and help got me to where i am and i just wanted to say thank you." Carol S., Designer, Boston 

 "Your support and guidance was such an integral part of the journey I've been on for the last couple of months, I don't know how to thank you.  Without the work we did together (no matter how brief), I truly believe I wouldn't have arrived at the place I'm in today- at least not this quickly.  You really helped me to restructure my approach to the challenge I faced, which allowed me to handle it positively, effectively, and with relative ease.  Thank you so much for everything.  You're truly gifted at what you do and my life has been made all the richer because our paths crossed." Theresa P., Teacher, MA

 "Leslie played an essential role in getting my career back on track.  Not only did she have unique ideas on how to present my previous career experience, but she also had great insight into where I should direct my search.  Leslie helped me see that there are many career alternatives where I could utilize my skills outside the narrow range where I had been looking.  In a very tight job market I ultimately found a great position where my skill set was valuable in a field outside my traditional area and Leslie's guidance was key to my success." Randolph A., Financial Software Sales Executive


"Leslie, to me is like an architect of the spirit, helping me find a completely new career." Audrey B., Age 60+, NY

"Hi Leslie, I wanted to let you know I interviewed with (new company) yesterday and they called this morning to offer the position. I am thrilled with the job and the opportunity that lies ahead. I can't thank you enough for helping me realize my potential and where I really want to go. As for the job, I am really excited and feel I am really on my way to a real career. I start next week."  Jessica R., Marketing Manager, MA

"Leslie, thanks for helping me connect the dots to find just the right balance." Christina N., Artist, NY

"Leslie, the interview went great thanks to you! I was able to tell my "American dream" story for the first time, and fortunately my new supervisor went through the exact same experience as I did." Jeanette P., Hospitality Manager, RI

"Leslie, our work helped me to deal more effectively with conflict at the office. I'm glad I decided to remain at (current employer), since I just received a promotion." John B., IT Executive, Financial Services, NY
"Leslie helped me to decide what my next career move should be. I could never have made a total career switch without her help." Daniel E., Social Worker, RI
 "Leslie, I just wanted to send you a quick update and let you know how I am doing in my new position.  I am coming up on my 6 month review and I am extremely happy here.  I have already received a raise and I have been energized and excited by the work.  Thank you again for all of your help and guidance in during my transition.  I could not have done it without you." Peter V., Non-Profit Director, RI